Do I Qualify?

Any current Ohio State undergraduate or graduate student, with a valid BuckID, can visit our pantry. We do not require any proof of financial need.

How Do I Use The Pantry?

When you get to the pantry, call (614) 688-2508 and let us know you’re outside. The doors of Lincoln Tower are locked for security purposes, so a volunteer will come and let you in.

If it’s your first time visiting the pantry, you’ll need to fill out a few forms. BFA is a partner agency of Mid-Ohio Foodbank, so you’ll need to complete a registration form, including your address, number of family members you’ll provide for, and personal contact information. All personal information shared with BFA and Mid-Ohio is confidential.

Each time you visit, you’ll meet with one of our volunteers to sign into your Mid-Ohio account.

For current operating hours visit our pantry page.

How Do I Get There?

We’re located in Lincoln Tower on West Campus. You can park in the loading alley at the base of the Tower. Call (614) 688-2508 and a volunteer will let you into the building.

You can also get to the pantry using the university CABS on the Campus Loop North and South routes.


Other Resources

In a time of need or crisis, food is only one part of a solution. There are other resources available to you, including financial assistance, mental health counseling, and clothing.

St. Thomas More Newman Center has a list of resources on their website, including resources for pregnant students in need and addiction recovery.